Do you ever walk by an item in a store over and over again, but talk yourself out of buying it for various reasons (i.e. “I don’t need it,” “It’s too expensive,” “I’m supposed to be going minimalist…”).

This happens to me a lot at craft stores in their home decor section. Typically these items will be around for several months or more and taunt me when I’m in there for other, more serious reasons (like hoarding fabric and yarn).

Well, I lost the battle a few weeks ago against this giant, amazing-in-every-way, teal corrugated metal….AMPERSAND. I had been fantasizing about it for what seemed like my whole life – to the point that I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it.  I had a coupon, and it was on sale, so…

…somehow it jumped into my shopping cart. I swear- there were witnesses. And just as I imagined, it’s PERFECT in the guest room.

Guest Room Gallery Wall

Holy crap, I love it. I re-arranged my fabric hoops around it for more impact. It came with these cool clips, but I haven’t found anything worthy of clipping…yet.

Wall Collage with Fabric

It was definitely worth the purchase and adding to my collection of “things.” Plus, it’s on the wall so it barely takes up any space really. In fact, it has pretty much zero impact on the square footage of the house. So, it’s totally fine.

Guest Room Update

What do you think? Even though I lost this battle, I still think I’m winning the war on “stuff” lately. I’ve been Spring cleaning like crazy and getting rid of things! We are tackling the basement pretty hardcore right now in preparation for more finishing work. The only person I know who hoards more things than me is my husband. But it’s happening, folks.

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  1. Noreen

    Hmmmm.. still thinking on this one. It’s different, but then again, that’s what i like about your ideas! i’m thinking it will grow on me 🙂


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