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I wanted to give y’all the heads up on a great contest put on by Lennox® to create awareness and inspiration for energy savings around the home. We all love saving money on energy and being more conscious of our resources, right??

Lennox® makes advanced, high efficiency HVAC systems to help you do just that – and you should enter to win one for your home! All you have to do is submit an idea for an energy saving tip (plus photo) to enter 🙂

Check out the full contest details and enter here Lennox® Energy Savings Superstar Contest

Entry Requirements – Submit The Following:

  1. An energy-saving tip they use in the summer
  2. A picture that illustrates this tip.

Submit your entry by 8/31. Four finalists will be chosen and users can vote on their favorite (9/12-9/18) to determine the winner! Winner will be announced 9/28! NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Canada (excluding Quebec) U.S. (DC) the age of majority in their jurisdiction. Ends 8/31/2016. Prize and Rules.

Prize Package:

  • $10,000 in Lennox® heating and air conditioning equipment
  • A year supply of ice cream
  • Tickets to the closest local water park

As if that wasn’t a great opportunity by itself, there will also be a Twitter Party hosted by @ModernDayMoms and @TheSimpleParent on 8/25 from 2-3:00 EST. See full details HERE. Prizes for the Twitter party are: (2) $100 Visa Gift Cards, (4) $50 Visa Gift Cards, and (4) $25 Visa Gift Cards.

I hope you all enter the giveaway and participate in the Twitter Party because The Ultimate Comfort System™ heating and cooling is truly remarkable. Maybe you remember way, way, way back in my old life, I used to be an engineer. Well, I actually used to work in the heating and cooling industry. I may have nerded out a little bit when I read about this system and how it works.

Let me see if I can break this down a little bit. Firstly, a traditional system is typically ON or OFF. You usually hear it kick on, yes? It’s not an exact science, really. If it’s summertime and you set a thermostat at say 70 degrees, you’ll probably see a swing of temperatures above and below 70 throughout the day. When the temperature registers too high, it blasts the cold air until the thermometer reads below 70 again then shuts off. Then, it will creep slowly back up over 70, and the cycle continues. It’s like a pendulum swinging back and forth with the temperature setting in the middle. You’re always going to have some variance. Or think of it like overspray from spray paint. The A/C sorta blasts without much control and it overshoots. Many cars actually have a more advanced system than in your home because they have a variable air flow system (that knob that you turn for the fan speed). 

The other issue with most systems, is that it functions on either AC or HEAT. Have you ever overshot in one direction and had to open a window?

The Ultimate Comfort System™ from Lennox® solves both problems! It has a variable fan speed and perfectly balanced heated AND cooled air so that the temperature actually stays where the thermostat setting is. No Goldilocks syndrome! There’s actually a really cool visual of this temperature control here.

Plus, the XC25 unit is super quiet AND efficient. I don’t know about you, but if I’m near the back window, our non-Lennox® unit sounds like a lawnmower!

If all that was too science-y for you, just take my word for it – it truly is a revolutionary product that will maximize your energy savings. You should definitely enter to win one! Pssst….if you’d also like to explore your options for HVAC further, check out the Dealer Locator

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