Wow ya’ll, I almost forgot the password to my WordPress account. I’m so sorry to drop off the planet. It’s not that I haven’t been doing things around the house, but I just have been busy with other work as well and unable to find time to write here. I know, sob story, feel sorry for me.

Also, LOT’S of changes going on here at LCH. We got a puppy in January and shortly after shared that we are expecting a baby in August.

Knitting 1

WHAT?!? It’s crazy around here! It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a puppy, so I kinda forgot about how that would consume most of my day. Between wrangling him and making room in our house and life for a baby, I’m trying to make more time to write because I miss it!

So, I have a few projects to share coming up, and I have an idea for a weekly post that will hopefully keep me accountable to writing! I have been meaning to do more cooking related posts, so I wanted to start by sharing my weekly food prep list or any recipes I’m currently loving. Sound good?

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