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It’s me, back from the land of new mommy zombie-hood – the scariest hood in town! I haven’t had much time to write, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening here at Casa Evans! You know I can’t resist starting too many projects to finish, am I right??!

One MAJOR project we have been working on since oh….December….is partially finishing our basement! Truthfully I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but the hubs has never been on board – guarding it like his man cave. But with the addition of our little man Henry last year, we are finding our home to be increasingly cramped. He has the nerve to want his own room too! Can you believe that?! So, out went my office into our….master bedroom. And the office became Henry’s room. We decided to capitalize on the daylight half of our basement, studs ready, and make it a bonus room/office/den type space.

Then 3 months went by, and the hubs did the framing, another few months went by and he hung the drywall. He’s doing most of the work at this point, so I feel like I can’t be tooooo picky about the timeline. The drywall sat there waiting for finishing for another few weeks before we decided we didn’t have the skill, time, or desire to do that ourselves. We hired a local company and it was done in 2 days – WINNING. I painted it the next day.

Left on the list is:

  • Drop ceiling and duct soffit
  • Flooring
  • Trim
  • Building in the support post into a bookshelf

Ok so most of that stuff is time consuming and a bit daunting to me right now. So I decided to tackle the least offensive thing first: some window trim! Sorry for the overcast weather and harsh lighting in these photos – we will be replacing the fluorescent fixtures soon!

I have never trimmed a window.

I looked up a few photos of some ideas online and decided to go with a more craftsman, regular straight lumber, no miter (aka easier) look. We took some measurements and brought home an assortment of 1×2, 1×4, and 1×6 pre-primed boards.

The hubs did most of the cutting while I directed and helped hold things. Straight cuts, some wood glue, and some finishing nails are all you need for this task. I even cut the last piece and hung it by myself. Here’s how it looked when it was all assembled on the wall. I have never appreciated trim so much!

Once I spackled the cracks and holes, it was ready for paint! Now trim can be tricky to paint free hand, so I definitely recommend taking the time to tape off the edges with FrogTape® . The PaintBlock® Technology  makes a clean edge – exactly what you need for trim. FrogTape® can be applied up to 3 weeks before you paint unlike many other brands!

When I put it up, I like to go down the whole length with a putty knife (or even a credit card!) to be sure the whole width and length is adhered.

The best time to remove painter’s tape is while the paint is still wet! I know it’s a bit counter-intuitive, but just do it. Plus you get to see your results right away 🙂 Remove it with a slow, steady pace at an angle.


What a HUGE difference this has made! If nothing else gets done down there, we will have a perfectly trimmed window at least 😛

Once we get the floor installed, the baseboard can go up (1×4 or 1×6?). I’ll use the same method to paint it because I definitely do not want to get paint on new floors! Stay tuned for more basement finishing projects and the final results.

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