The next room I’m dreaming about overhauling is our master bathroom. I decided to tackle it after the hall bathroom because frankly, we’re the only ones who see this one (usually).

Here’s a reminder of the first time we laid eyes on this beaut…

Oh yeah. This room had everything – terrible wood toned vanity, storage, and toilet seat. Tan hex tile. Awful mirror and bad lighting.

Microscopic shower, and ANOTHER storage cabinet.

Can we talk about the super glossy green paint? And the weird tile step into the shower?

Ok enough of that, it’s burning my eyes.

First things first, all of those storage cabinets are coming down. I’ll put up some simple shelving above the toilet instead. We have plenty of room to keep extra toiletries and linens in the hall bathroom. I’m taking down the medicine cabinet mirror and replacing it with regular mirror. Fresh paint will lighten the space up and make it feel better.

The vanity will get a makeover with some paint -I’m thinking navy- and gold hardware. We don’t have the budget for a complete floor and shower overhaul, so I’ll be covering the existing tile in peel and stick and covering the shower with a curtain (so I don’t have to look at it). The toilet will be getting a fresh white seat. New vanity lighting and overhead lighting will complete the mini-renovation and make this space livable until we decide to do something more drastic.

Of course, there will also be plants.


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