Lovely Crafty Weekend #127

And another week bites the dust! It feels like this year is seriously flying by. I want to hold on to fall forever! Is the weather starting to change by you?

Let’s get started with the features from last week:

Check out these cutie burlap pumpkins from Lauren at The Thinking Closet.

{The Thinking Closet}

Penny from Penny’s Vintage Home went ALL OUT for Halloween decorating. Head over there for all the little details!

{Penny’s Vintage Home}

How sweet are these silhouette plates from DIY with Grant & Kiley?

{DIY with Grant & Kiley}

If you’re looking to spruce up your door for fall, check out this wreath wrap up at It’s Always Ruetten. Thanks for including mine, Julia :)

{It’s Always Ruetten}

If you were featured, don’t forget to grab a button from the sidebar and show off! Now onto this week’s party:

Lovely Crafty Weekend #126: Hulaween Edition

Now that I’ve spilled the beans about attending my first music festival over Halloween, I have to share my plan for a DIY costume!

But I also want to see what YOU are planning for Halloween, so link up your fall inspired projects and Halloween ideas/costumes to the party too!

Typically I do dress up every year for our annual Halloween party, so I’m no stranger to making my own (and usually the hubs’ costume). Sadly this year we won’t be hosting a party, obviously, so I have a little more time to make an extra effort on mine. After a few weeks of thinking about what to be, I decided on an owl 1) because I love owls, they are all over my house and 2) feathers are fun.

Obviously an owl has to have wings, but I wanted to avoid the large-stiff-wire-like variety for fear of being a general nuisance in a crowd. I did a quick search around Pinterest to see if I could find any examples and came across a few versions using felt “feathers” on a cape like piece of fabric. I took a cue from this tutorial at Natty Jane Sews, except I used real feathers!

I decided to lay out the feathers in a few different arrangements to see which one I liked best. I’m 100% sure that none of the options are actually representative of any real-life owl. Methinks no one will notice.

feather arrangement 1

feather arrangement 2

feather arrangement 3

I liked the totally random look the best, with the spotted feathers sprinkled throughout. I decided ultimately that sewing the feathers on would be the most fail-safe idea, since I’d be traveling with this costume and won’t really be able to fix it on site. It actually didn’t take as long as you might think. I just sewed them in rows, backstitching several times over each one then adding another.

owl wing costume

diy feather owl wing costume


I’ve only finished one, just because I ran out of feathers and had to go out and get more. I think it took me a couple of hours to do one wing-not too bad considering it would take at least that long to cut feathers out of felt!

DIY feather wings

So now it’s your turn! Remember to visit some of the other links and show some love!


Lovely Crafty Weekend #125

I can’t believe it’s August! That’s only one month away from the best month ever: September.


Oh yes, I’m ready. I hate the heat and humidity! Apple picking? Sitting by a fire? Wearing cozy clothes?

Anyone agree?

But it looks like you guys are making the most of the heat and still getting things done. Take a look at these projects from last week.

Leigh from Fun to Funky worked on some new landscaping! I love fresh mulch, it really makes a big difference!

{Fun To Funky}

If you’re into digital scrapbooking or photoshopping, head over to A Typical English Home for some free washi tape downloads!!

{A Typical English Home}

I absolutely LOVE this IKEA hack at The Thinking Closet. You have to check out the before picture!

{The Thinking Closet}

Now here’s a new concept to me: beer cookies. But hey, I’ll try anything once. See the recipe at PhotoLifeSite!


Now let’s see what you’ve been doing this week. Anyone start fall crafts yet? Hehe.


Lovely Crafty Weekend #124

And yet another week has gone by with no real blogging. Yay for me, this must be a new record. I decided I’m going to stop apologizing though, I just have a lot of other things going on that take priority-which I cannot feel badly about.

I did however actually purchase paint for the guest room. And last night, I even brought it in the house from the trunk (where it was sitting for 2 days).

Did you work on anything fun?

Here are the most viewed projects from last week:

Sunflower Hugs rounded up her top 10 dresser makeovers- check them out all in one post!!

{Sunflower Hugs}

Penny’s Vintage Home linked up some great advice for decorating on a budget!

{Penny’s Vintage Home}

Tammy is talking about succulents over at My Flower Journal!

{My Flower Journal}

This is definitely a tip I’m filing away for future use- “green” drain unclogger! Recipe shared at It’s Always Ruetten.

{It’s Always Ruetten}

And now it’s time for this week’s party! Don’t forget to grab a button from the sidebar if you were featured!


Lovely Crafty Weekend #123

Happy Friday everyone!! It’s been a crazy busy week here, but I did manage to get this little party here going…aren’t you proud?

Here are the most viewed projects from last week!

You all loved Jeni’s powder room makeover at I Got This Martha, and it’s easy to see why…check out the before pictures on her site!

{I Got This Martha}

How sweet is this outdoor dining area at Penny’s Vintage Home? Makes me want to have tea!

{Penny’s Vintage Home}

I just love love love this scrappy rag quilt , check out the tutorial at Sew Can She.

{The Crafty Blog Stalker}

This skirt tutorial post from So Sew Easy is SUPER helpful!! Even if you’re a beginner, you can totally make a skirt!

{So Sew Easy}

And now, this week’s party. Let’s get it started!

Lovely Crafty Weekend #122 (The Epic Return)

I bet I surprised you, didn’t I? Thank you everyone who gave me feedback on whether or not I should continue to host these parties! It looks like you enjoy them, and I enjoy seeing what you’re up to- I believe that’s what we call a win-win situation.


I wanna see allllll the stuff I’ve been missing while on LCW hiatus. Summer crafts? Recipes? Home improvement projects? Share them all!!

A little “rules” refresher:

1. Please visit and comment on other people’s links. I know we’re all Pinteresty now, but a comment does go a long way!

2. Please only link up your own work

3. Please link back to LCH somewhere on your post or party list page.

Ok let’s get this started!


Lovely Crafty Weekend #121

Woohoo it’s the weekend again! Got any fun plans for the holiday? I’m hoping the rain holds out long enough to get working on our decks- they need to be cleaned and re-stained so badly!

Let’s get right to the party this week!

Or….not, just kidding. Apparently my Linky Tools subscription just expired. Which leads me to….should I even keep hosting these parties? Do you enjoy them?

Lovely Crafty Weekend #120

Woohoo it’s the weekend again. Crazy how that keeps happening, right? Did you do anything fun this week?

Head over to Sunflower Hugs to see how she re-vamped these 4 tables (hint: they are all awesome).

{Sunflower Hugs}

You will not believe the gorgeous find Penny scored at a yard sale for $10!!

{Penny’s Vintage Home}

I love this house number idea at DIY With Grant & Kiley!

{DIY With Grant & Kiley}

Do you guys compost? I’ve been thinking about it, but the pre-made bins are so expensive. Check out this DIY version at Dude, Sustainable!

{Dude, Sustainable}

Now it’s time to share your projects from this week! Let’s get ‘er going. Remember to take a look around at some of the other projects, we come here to be inspired!


Lovely Crafty Weekend #119

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope it’s finally warming up where you are- it looks like it finally it is here. I’m planning to do some gardening this weekend. What have you been up to?

Let’s take a look at the top viewed links from last time:

You all went crazy for this living room makeover at The Turquoise House, and I can see why! I love the before, but the after is even more stunning. Simple, but powerful!!

{The Turquoise House}

Check out this awesome list of 5 Things NOT to buy at My Snippets of Inspiration. These are great tips to save money and time!

{My Snippets of Inspiration}

Believe & Inspire shared some pretty desk organizers, and let’s be honest, who couldn’t use more organization in their lives?

{Believe & Inspire}

Head over to Peanut Life Adventures for a quick 1 hour bread recipe!

{Peanut Life Adventures}

And now it’s time for this week’s party!


Lovely Crafty Weekend #118

Woohoo it’s Friday! Sorry we missed last week, I was busy hanging with my mom and forgot to set it up. My bad. #bloggerfail

So, let’s see what you’ve been up to.