Check out this chair I scored from Craigslist for $20. It obviously needs some work, but I think it has the makings of a great side chair we could use all over the house if we need extra seating!

There are just three (tiny!) problems standing in the way of this chair becoming a rock star:

  • The finish is scratched, which doesn’t bother me because I was planning on changing the color of the chair anyways.
  • The cushions are outdated…I did wash them in the hopes of getting some glimmer of potential, but no luck.
  • The support under the chair had given out, hence the interesting rope design courtesy of the previous owner.

First, I came up with a plan to address all three issues:

1. Give the chair a bright new outlook on life with new paint. I opted for white Krylon Fusion spray paint since I’m familiar with it from refinishing my entryway buffet. Bonus- it involves no sanding or priming, which is perfect for the rounded frame of this chair because I HATE sanding. Spray paint has a bit of a learning curve though, so if you’re not experienced with it you can definitely use brush on paint for your projects. But the great thing about paint is that you can always sand and paint again, so don’t be afraid to try spray paint- especially on a piece with curves and details.

2. Replace cushions with a bright and fun alternative. I found the perfect solution, which also happens to be a great inspiration to my new bedroom color palette (say bye bye to the orange walls!) It was a bit of a splurge at $29.99 at Home Depot, but the fabric and fit was so perfect that I just had to snatch it up.

3. Fix the support for the bottom pillow. I’m removing the ropes, worn supports (what’s left of them), and I’ll be cutting a piece of plywood to fit the existing cutout in the frame. The cushion I bought is thick enough that the chair should still be pretty comfy.

So, without further ado, here is the stylish and fun after:

The next picture gives you a sneak peak at our bedroom…obviously this is not exactly where the chair will live (it will actually be across the room), but I wanted to show it without the orange background since it will be changing soon.

I will be posting a complete furniture tutorial shortly, so don’t touch that dial…errr…mouse!

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