Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been super busy finally painting our bedroom! After weeks of indecision on color, playing around with virtual painters, and taking about a tree’s worth of paint swatches home, it was this color that won me over.

jekyll grand dining sea mist

I was fiddling around with Better Homes and Garden’s virtual painter which features some of Valspar’s paint colors (Lowe’s brand). It was really helpful because they only had a limited selection. That sounds contradictory, but let me tell you there are about a million shades of grayish-blueish-greenish colors, it’s overwhelming! It was sort of refreshing to just play around with the 10 or so colors that caught my eye.

This wasn’t really the color I had in mind originally (a very very soft gray), but nevertheless it really held my attention. I kept coming back to it, so I headed down to Lowes to check out a swatch because computer monitors don’t really depict the actual color. The swatch in person was darker and definitely green (as opposed to how blue it appears in the picture), but I was still intrigued. Also, given that I had approximated the other colors in my room in the virtual painter, I thought it would look good- whatever blue/green shade it was. Let’s just say I took a gamble. You can never really be sure since paint shows up differently depending on light and the colors around it. It seemed like a nice, classic color- why not?

What is it, you ask? Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist. Yup, that’s the whole name. I don’t care if it was meant for a dining room, or if it’s more sea than mist, but it was rocking my world. I slapped up a coat of Kilz primer to cover the orange and got busy with my new mouthful-of-a-name paint.

Before I reveal the new look, shall we take a stroll down memory lane?

GAH! Are you blind yet? Is this better?

jekyll grand dining sea mist

Welcome to the spa, where all your troubles melt away.

We also gained about 10,000 watts worth of light with the color switch, it was even raining when I took this picture!

And what’s that on the other side of the room? The beginnings of a quaint reading nook? Remember that little stool I made over….

reading nook

It fits perfectly here (with some totally gorg peonies)!

I still have a long way to go, but the color change has really made a huge difference already. It went from me avoiding the room (except to sleep) to me wanting to actually sit up there and work on the laptop or watch TV. Woohoo!

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  1. tellerallaboutit


    Just stopped over from YHL! I love…LOVE the soft blue gray! Looks so soothing and comfortable!! Way to go!! Keep up the good work!

    Tell’er All About It

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    • rachaelevans

      Barb- Sorry that’s not actually my room, that’s a sample image from BHG’s virtual painter 🙁

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  4. Alyssa

    I really really love that bed set, do you mind sharing where you got that from? 🙂

  5. Therena

    Hi! I’m new to this blogging world, but I went out and bought this paint color after reading this post. I painted my bathroom and LOVE it! Thanks for the recommendation!


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