I saw this over at Design*Sponge, and totally loved it! Who would have thought that such a mundane object could turn into a piece of original wall art!

First, gather your tools. I spent a few weeks gathering toilet paper rolls- the more you have, the better. This would make a great craft for kids as well as something super green and easy for adults to do as wall art.


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clothes Pins

Start by crushing the rolls, then cutting them into 5 pieces. This will give you thin oblong rings.

Get set up on a large work surface. I just sat on the floor because….well, that’s just what I do. But the kitchen table works fine too! Start playing around with the rings in certain patterns, when you find one you like begin applying glue where the rings touch and holding them in place with clothes pins to dry.

Keep going until you have glued all of your rings together. I am planning on adding more to mine (which is why the end looks weird) when I get more rolls, but here it is now! I’m creating a piece for an accent wall in my living room.

So start saving those cardboard beauties and bust them out on a rainy day with your kids or when you feel like redecorating!

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  1. Lori

    So I’m just seeing this creative art piece… what color did you paint it? If you still have it, I’d like to see it!


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