I am loving all the creative molding techniques I’ve been seeing in magazines and blogs. I have to say right now my favorite is board and batten.

Image from Chris Kauffman

I love the interest it adds to the walls, as well as that oh-so-useful smidgen of a ledge it creates on top. The thing about molding is that it’s really expensive to have someone do it, so it adds a lot of value to your home (even if it’s not real wood).  Doing it yourself will be a total fake out- not only will it look awesome and add character to your home, but it will impress future buyers. I have a few ideas of where to put it in our house…

The dining room underneath the mirror and wreath.

Behind our bed (and maybe around the room…)

And in the living room, behind our new couch (that painting is leaving, as you can see from my new pillow I’m switching to a gray/yellow color scheme in here…stay tuned)

I can’t wait to get started on these projects, but first I have to finish up something I’ve been working on in the upstairs bathroom. I’ll leave you in suspense for now, but rest assured-it’s awesome!

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