It’s not a resolution per say, but with all the organization buzz this month I decided to try and really improve my HMS. That’s Household Management System. Using an acronym makes me feel important, try to go with it.

After extensive research, my kitchen command center was born.

Since the kitchen is where papers pile up and where people tend to congregate, the counter was the perfect place. The command center consists of a pretty pink notebook for me (more on that in a bit), a file folder box, hanging folders, a calendar, and a pen/pencil cup.

Each one of us has our own folder, plus there is one for new unsorted mail. No more stacks on the counter! My notebook fits in neatly as well, and the calendar lets us know what’s going on at a glance!

In my notebook, I have a daily task and a weekly task sheet.

I downloaded these from Simple Mom, she has tons of useful forms here. Instead of printing them out every day or every week, I put them in sheet protectors and use wet erase markers to fill them out and erase them as needed.

Part of my organization goals includes meal planning 2 weeks at a time. Every day I write down what’s for dinner, so I don’t freak out at 5 wondering what to make.  I keep favorite recipes and coupons in the notebook as well.

The weekly task checklist helps me keep track of household chores. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to do, but seeing it on a list and checking it off makes it more manageable.

What about you guys? Are you getting more organized this year? Have any tips and tricks to share?

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