Oh. My. Gosh.

Why haven’t I been sooner?

This is the most amazing place on Earth. IKEA is where adults can act like crazed children, giggling like maniacs over cheaply priced goodies both large and small.

To be completely honest, I didn’t anticipate having this type of reaction. Though I had never been, I had this impression that IKEA was for dorm rooms or people who like super modern style furniture. I was MORE than pleasantly surprised with their HUGE selection- there is really something for everyone!

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the fortunate circumstances of being in a tiny rental car for the sole responsibility of not bankrupting my family. If we had been in the Jeep, this could have been very, very ugly.

IKEA was a sort of spontaneous detour on the way home from Raleigh (well, by “on the way” I mean “in the westerly direction.) Amy and I had already done a fair amount of damage at the outlets, but we were on a mission to shop as much as possible in a 24 hour period. Our time at IKEA consisted of basically 4 hours in a state of shock and awe. We communicated mainly through giddy squeals and pointing, a testament to our apparent separation at birth. It was a total binge fest- nothing was off limits or too outlandish. At one point we had convinced ourselves that this would fit perfectly in Amy’s bungalow living room.

Regolit Floor Lamp, image courtesy of IKEA

There wasn’t a single product that would couldn’t find a place for. Not one “look inside” sign was left untouched (hmmm…don’t mind if I do). We actually discussed how long it would take the staff to figure out that we had moved into the teeny tiny house, hanging our clothes in the closet and sleeping in the beds.

By the time we went downstairs to the marketplace I had used up most of my will power. Completely unprepared for the gates of heaven, I stood motionless for a moment to take in all the beauty. It hit me like a tidal wave and sent me into a frenzy.

The internal dialogue went something like this.

“The lights, OMG the lights. So pretty and sparkly. I’m sure I can find a place for this chandelier. And that wok is just $4.99! I’ll use that wok every day, I know it. Ooooh pillows. I definitely need more pillows. How was I living without this 3 tiered serving platter?”

It took a. lot. of security personnel internal strength to drag me away from this.

Arv Brollop Cake Stand, image courtesy of IKEA

I was juggling about 5 ceramic pots in my hands when I caught up with Amy who said she had to get out NOW. The urgency in her voice must have snapped me out of it, and eventually I put every single pot back. Well I did keep a $0.79 bud vase. Just one.

In the end I ended up with a modest amount of loot:

Orgel Table Lamp, image courtesy of IKEA

Blad Cushion, image courtesy of IKEA

A Kroken Hanging bar and 3 cutlery caddies, for herbs 🙂

Kroken Cutlery Caddy, image courtesy of IKEA

Ritva Throw, image courtesy of IKEA

Compared to everything I wanted to get, I think I did pretty well (I already have a return trip list…)

For another look at our IKEA adventure, visit Amy’s play by play here.

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  1. Megan

    You’re description is hilarious!! I love Ikea, I could go there once a week and always come up with new ideas!!! My hubs doesn’t let me take the truck when I go, he’s scared what I will come home with!

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      LOL Sarah!! The fabric section was awesome! Ours is about 2 hours away…far enough to prevent me from going very often!

  2. Ashleigh

    So funny! My nickname for IKEA became “The place that dreams are made of” after my first trip there this fall.

    It’s taken all my will power not to go back. I NEED everything there. It’s ridiculous! You made out pretty well though!

  3. Lisa

    haha, I LOVE to see people’s reactions when they go there for the first time. It’s like they discovered a money tree or something : ) That place is so fun and you can walk around for hours!


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