You know I love refinishing furniture, but there is something more special about reworking a piece that’s been in the family for awhile.  Unfortunately my family doesn’t have any heirloom furniture so most of my finds come from thrift stores-leaving me without any history of the piece. When St. John’s Mom (SJM) contacted me about her hand-me-down table story, I thought it was so sweet that I had to share!

Image courtesy of St. John's Mom

The table (originally much larger) was built by her grandfather for her grandmother, and over the years was passed around the family serving different purposes until it finally became this beautiful little island. You can read the full story here, check it out!

When I was scoping out SJM’s blog, I noticed that she also makes amazing paper crafts. I always appreciate this kind of talent because I am not good at this at all!

Image courtesy of St. John's Mom

Image courtesy of St. John's Mom

Aren’t these adorable?! Be sure to hop over to St. John’s Mom and check out the rest of her site!

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