************If you are new to my paper floors, please read this first.***************

I know it’s hard to believe that I’m still continuing my quest to rid the house of carpet. After completing the stairs, I moved into the hallway. I knew it’d be difficult to get this done since it’s a high traffic area- but I figured I’d get it over with! The hallway used to look like this:

You can see there has been quite a bit of damage at each door seam (courtesy of the cats). Other than that, it’s in fairly good shape-but doesn’t match my new sophisticated vision of the space.

So I turned to my brown craft paper again, continuing the carpet demo from the staircase. I’ll be the first one to admit that this was a rush job. Between 3 working adults with all bedrooms upstairs, I had to time everything to dry while we were out of the house or sleeping. The bedrooms themselves will be easier since we’ll totally evacuate to another room when the time comes.

After ripping up the carpet and removing staples and tack strips:

Hmmm…second thoughts, anyone? I pressed on, filling the cracks and nail holes with wood filler and sanding everything smooth.

In order to allow us to walk on it, I papered the whole area except 3 “hopping” spots (see the how-to here).

The next morning I filled in the spots and let them dry before staining the whole floor.

It’s not my best stain job, due to the fact that I was rushed and had to stain myself literally down the stairs without the option to fix anything. I’ll do better in the rooms. After 8 coats of poly (planning on doing 4 more when I complete the rooms), I added a reducing threshold to floor at the bathroom entrance with liquid nails.

It’s still hard to see the grand vision because there is a lot of finishing work to do. I have to add trim to the baseboards to cover the gap and stain the threshold to the bathroom to match the floor (p.s. these are way more expensive than I thought, a 6ft unfinished section set me back $15). I also left the area around the doorway to each bedroom a little jagged to help me blend the areas when I do the floor installation in the bedrooms. The edges are only stained (but not poly-ed) to help the transition. I have plans for a floor cloth runner in here as well as re-purposing my old dining room chandelier to replace the boob light (not shown…).

Even though it’s still a little rough, I’m loving the look and can’t wait to move on into the guest room! What do you think so far? Not bad for a simple and effective solution to home hallway flooring!

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