Do any of you have a TO-DIE-FOR sofa?

Where did you get it?

We just got a couple of new sofas from Craigslist, but I still dream of the day I can get a hob nail leather beauty without worrying the cats will tear it up.

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Oh tufts, I heart you.


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But realistically, our household is much more suited to a slip-covered streamlined piece.


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If I found any of these sofas on sale, you’d see my butt parked on one for sure.

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  1. Ashley @

    LOVE all of those sofas! I am partial to tufting also, but I LOVE me some clean, modern lines. I guess that’s why I ended up with my leather sectional. Some stitching and pleating, but overall modern and clean. 🙂

  2. Julie

    I don’t know about TO-DIE-FOR, but we love it… especially at this time in our lives, where we have a 3 year old boy, a 1 year old boy, and a little girl due… yesterday!! So we needed a slip-covered number, with lots of room for napping kiddos. And we found it at… IKEA! It has a chaise on one end, and this gives us enough room to let two big boys nap with me in between. And while the fabric that we got is dry-clean-only, it has held up really well to yogurt and crayons! Plus, it’s really sleek looking (not kidded out), with it’s chocolate brown twill/burlap look, and straight lines.

    Wow, do I work for IKEA? haha

    One day I will have a grown up couch. and then I’ll have grandkids who will get yogurt and crayons on it… But one can dream!


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