Remember a while back when I shared the guest room makeover (including a capiz chandelier, drop cloth bed skirt, wood shim mirror, and stained paper floors)?

I conveniently left out a little something from the picture.

Oh there it is! The super bright green nightstand I got on Craigslist for $10 was really killing the feel of the room, so I finally painted it. After about a week of thinking about colors (white? greige? teal?), I stumbled upon a can of paint in the basement that I’d once used on my living room walls (major throwback picture here). Not one to look a paint gift horse in the mouth, I thought I’d try it out on the nightstand. I also updated the hardware with some Krylon ORB.

Oh yes, MUCH better. Less “holy crap I’m green!” and more “check out my lovely curves.”

I think for being a completely free makeover, it turned out great. I like how it goes with everything else without being too matchy matchy. Oh and check out that lamp shade (I swapped out my book page lamp)-a $3 score from Habitat Re-Store. I think it brings all the colors together nicely in the room. Now if only I could find a smallish dresser for this space…

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  1. Michele

    I love it but you’re going to laugh. I just noticed the handle is upside down! Haha (unless of course it was all part of the master plan) 🙂

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      HAHA!!! I didn’t notice that when I put it on, I guess I just liked the way it looked LOL!


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