Hello Lovely Crafty Home Readers!

My name is Amanda and I hold court over

My love of decorating, crafting, and DIY has spilled out all over our house and I am finally documenting EVERYTHING.

I graduated with a degree in sculpture and worked as an art teacher for a few years.  My love of clay evolved into a traveling craft business, which gave way to wedding decor design after my kids were born.

As I worked from home on my wedding business and cared for my children, I realized that I just couldn’t get out as often and I spent even less time on my artwork.  My friend, Christine, suggested I take up blogging and after a few months, I was hooked.  What a great way to meet people and continue to develop my creativity.

How do I describe the design of my own home?
Cottage Chic with Purpose 

Here is a little sneak peak of projects and rooms you can find over at The Ivy Cottage Blog:

So do you need some inspiration?

Come on over and check out some of my latest and greatest projects like Geometric Mirror Art, How To Revamp Your Tired Couch, and one of my personal favorites, Builder’s Grade Mirror to Beautiful! You can also link up to my weekly party, Say What? Tuesday.

While you are there, consider following me or getting weekly updates from
The Ivy Cottage Blog.

Plus, keep a lookout for my first giveaway . . . if you like the use of vintage feed sacks in today’s decor, you will LOVE this giveaway!

I look forward to virtually meeting you all!
Thanks so much to Rachael for letting me kidnap her blog for a day! 




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