After freshening up all the railings, the floor was looking a little sad.

So very sad.

So I finally got out the palm sander and did my best to strip the old stain. I knew it didn’t need to be perfect because I was planning on going darker, much darker.

You can see I’m getting a lot of help from my cat, Magic. First I picked up a gallon of Thompson’s WaterSeal Solid Stain in Nutmeg Brown. It’s premixed, so when I popped the lid and saw the color, I promptly put it back in the car and returned it. Instead, I picked up a sample of Behr’s Cordovan Brown in solid stain.

HUGE color improvement. This is after one coat, and I’m planning on doing one more.

I hope it’s not reading purple on your screen, I swear it’s not. It’s a rich dark brown with no hint of red, and I love it. The white railings and the dark mocha floors mimic the staircase we have inside the house.

I can’t wait to put the second coat on the porch and snap some finished shots!

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    • Donna

      I knows it’s been awhile since you stain your porch, but was wondering did you brush it all on or did you roll it on too? I would to roll it on our deck instead of using a brush or pad. Thanks

      • Rachael Evans

        Hi Donna, I brushed it on because it’s a small area…but you can definitely use a stain pad! I wouldn’t use a traditional roller, it will splatter everywhere.

    • Rachael Evans

      Behr Cordovan Brown. We have since upgraded to Behr Deckover in the same color.

  2. Shelby

    Hello – hoping you could give me an honest opinion. I read on some review sites that the Behr products don’t penetrate the wood as well as other brands & tend to fade & peel quickly. I just stripped & washed our deck & NEVER want to have to do all that again! I love this color though & the price point. Are you satisfied with how it’s held up over the years? Thanks!
    Shelby – Upstate NY

    • Rachael Evans

      To be honest, I think no matter what product you use, you will have to redo it in a few years depending on how much wear the area gets. We are happy with ours – it’s definitely worn better than stain!


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