I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything remotely close to “done”, but finally I have finished another piece for my booth at Sweeten Creek Antiques!

I got this sweet leggy piece from Craigslist, and to be honest it wasn’t in bad shape. It was a soft green color with some character, but I had something more unique in mind. I’ll apologize in advance, all of the before shots were taken with my cell phone camera.

I picked up a roll of floral textured wallpaper from an estate sale (odd?) for $2. It wasn’t pre-pasted like the kind I used on my stairs, so I just applied it with Mod Podge which worked fine. I added the wallpaper to the drawer fronts and the side panels.

It still looked unfinished to me, so I bought some foam molding and framed out the drawers with my trusty hand miter box saw (I’ve definitely got to get a real miter saw in the future!). I used a piece of foam lattice to complete the box look on the side panels. The foam molding is so light that I was able to adhere it with Liquid Nails for Small Projects. It comes in a squeezable tube (like caulk) that doesn’t require the bulky gun-which totally cramps my hand. I just held it in place with painter’s tape until it set overnight.

I actually kind of liked the two-toned look, but I figured I’d keep it neutral since I’m still new to the whole refinished-furniture-as-business thing, so I painted the trim to match. It’s Sherwin Williams “Worldy Gray,” by the way. Then I glazed and waxed the whole thing and put the final touch on…glass knobs.

They totally make the piece, in my opinion. For anyone who loves glass knobs, but hates the price…check Amazon. I got all 10 for $23 shipped.

Now for the full monty. Again I have to apologize for the pictures (even though they were shot with my new camera!), we are having rainy weather and the lighting just doesn’t do Beatrice justice. I’m hoping to take more photos once I get her in my booth.

I could totally see this beauty in a little girl’s room, but it would also work in a more adult role. If I had the room for it, I’d keep it!

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  1. Julie

    Wow! I am so impressed and jealous! What is there that you don’t do??? Amazing!

  2. Meet Antoinette

    […] Gray and the rest of the piece in SW Dovetail Gray. Yes, I’m recycling colors (also seen on Beatrice and William). Those quarts go far! It took 3 coats to cover the old red stain completely. Oh, and I […]


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