Just like opinions- everyone has one now, right?

Except me.

And I wanted one. I had plenty of material too since getting a Keurig machine for coffee making.

I was inspired by this totally gorgeous wreath at Jones Design Company.

I wanted to make mine more all-season friendly, so I decided to leave out the berries and such and use more muted colors. As for the method, I didn’t take any actual pictures during the process because I was sort of making it up (shocker, no?). I chose 3 pink paint colors (Folk Art, from AC Moore)-which I diluted and/or mixed until I got a color I liked. I had 3 plastic cups that I mixed various colors in. Then I dunked each filter in a color, squeezed it out, and hung it up to dry. I’d add brown or more pink to change the color of the paint water as I continued dying the filters. For the light creamy ones, I used strong brewed tea. To get a cool natural gradient look you can use a paint brush to dab different colors on the edges of the filter.

Once the filters were dry (which didn’t take as long as I thought it would), I began making the flowers. I followed the above tutorial exactly (which was a new way of making flowers for me!).***Update: My flower making tutorial can be seen here*** Instead of my usual foam wreath form, I decided to try one of the floral wire ones (like these at Save on Crafts).

I wrapped it in strips of burlap (that I had on hand) secured with hot glue, and it worked perfecftly! Bonus: it’s like 1/4 the price of the same size styrofoam wreath. Then I began gluing the flowers on, clustering some colors in certain areas, but also keeping it a bit random. It didn’t take long for it to really come together and look amazing. I finished it off with a wide green ribbon that I got on clearance at Michael’s. The Dollar Tree is a great place to find ribbon as well.

Right now this beauty is in my booth, but if no one snatches it up I’ll be bringing it home with me!