At the beginning of the month I posed a challenge to all of you with a closet crap room to clean up your act. And now it’s time to fess up, did you get your crap together?

Nine of you brave souls entered the linky party and committed, and now I want to see your clean spaces!

Oh, you want to see mine first? Ok, I’ll bite.

I started by cleaning everything off the desk and assembling 2 more storage cubes (I had one in a box, and purchased another one). My goal was to use materials I had on hand and not spend a lot of money on this project. With that in mind, I painted the desk Dutch Boy’s Sweet Sage (also seen in Ryan’s room and my antique booth).

I used some scrap fabric to make a little skirt for the desk. I swear I didn’t shove all my stuff under there, but it does help add more storage if I need it. I used some $1 ribbon to cover the top edge of the desk and skirt. The cute basket was $5.99 with a coupon at A.C. Moore.

Two Rubbermaid pre-fab shelves and brackets gave me even more storage and only ran me about $35. The photo boxes were $3.99/ea at A.C. Moore. Gotta love that covered storage 🙂

I revamped my pegboard a bit, but it’s still a work in progress. I finally found some baskets for it and turned one of them into a ribbon dispenser with a dowel rod.

I keep other frequently used tools on the pegboard as well like paintbrushes, a staple gun, scissors, etc.

One of my favorite little details is this little “R” hook I’ve had in my stash since last year. It was one of those $1 impulse buys from Michael’s. I have tons of paint swatches, and I plan to hang them here.

Now this is the view from the stairs…

Instead of this…

Ok, now it’s YOUR turn! Let’s see what you’ve done! Remember I will draw a winner who linked to the before and after parties and they will get a $15 Starbucks gift card. I’m going to leave the linky party open for one week (till the 7th) to give everyone time to wrap it up!

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  1. 1 Funky Woman

    Wow, I have too many of your before spaces around my house that I should have joined your challenge and maybe I would have checked one off my list!

    The peg board is a great idea to organize all your “stuff”! Love your little area! Such a great place to get your craft on!


  2. Marilyn

    You just made my day…I’m not ready for after just yet! I decided to renovate the room as well as getting my crap together. Well, the electrical and everything….bigger project than originally set out to be. I’ll be linking up here in a few days! Happy Wednesday!

    • Melissa

      I’m not ready either. Was not expecting my flooring to take 3 weeks to get here 🙁 It’s scheduled to be delivered on Feb 8th. Can we get a few more days please??? I promise it will be worth the wait!

      Rachael your space looks great, love the basket that you have your yarn in!

  3. Lisa

    Wow! Definitely looks like you got your crap together! I finished mine up on Monday. Loving my space ever since! I can actually find all of my fabric and sewing supplies without digging in piles, tripping over shoes… so glad I got this done!

  4. Julie, RN @

    Great job! I love my peg board too! I found tons of accesories for it at Home Depot (there is an entire section dedicated to it) and my local grocery store even had some stuff on their little hardware aisle. I also found a cute bucket and hooks at Ikea that work well with it. I love how everything is accesible and in view!

  5. Amy Evans

    Hi! Thank you for the inspiration Rachael! The linky tool was being weird, so hopefully my comment will link to my photobucket before and after album. The best part of my Wreck Room turned Rec Room makeover is that it didn’t cost me a dime! In fact, I actually turned the spare change that I gathered into a Starbucks gift card (via the coinstar machine) and donated a bunch of stuff that I can write off on my taxes next year. Talk about a win/win!

  6. Kim @ Twigs and Twirls

    Thanks Rachael for hosting such an awesome party !!! I had fun, it was alot of hardwaork but in the end sooooo worth it. I love how your space came out too. Its great to see everyone accomplishment.

  7. Laura @ Our Prairie Home

    Wow, Rachael! It looks fantastic! I love what you did with your space! Sorry that I didn’t link up sooner… I forgot about it and then realized that deadline was the 31st! Whoops! Thank you so much for the kick in the butt I needed to get it done!!! My husband is very appreciative! LOL!!!

  8. Marilyn

    I just posted my not finished link. I will post a comment later when I get my room completed. My main hold up is I am waiting for my paper bag floor to cure! I just can’t make it cure any faster than it wants to! 🙁


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