Like most of my house, my master bedroom is in a constant state of change. It started with a new paint color, building a headboard from pallet wood, and a new homemade duvet cover.

Then I ripped up the carpet and installed my brown paper floors. Phew! That was a lot of work, and I lost a lot of steam after 4 days of back breaking work. But I’m starting to work on the room again with some smaller changes.

We had a serious rug problem for starters. I was using a couple of runners I had on either side of the bed until I could figure out a better solution. The problem is that the bed area is kind of odd shaped, with a 8 x 10 being too small and an 11×13 being a little too big (oh, and expensive!) So I started looking for 2 inexpensive rugs I could attach together to get a more custom size without spending a lot of money.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I spent a looooong time in the rug area trying to find something that would fit the bill. And finally, I did! I bought 2 Hampen rugs in white for $49.99 each and duct taped the edges together.


They look great under the bed with the dark mocha floors, and feel lovely underfoot!

Not bad for $100, eh?

Did you notice I also changed the bed skirt? I kept forgetting to post about it, but when I tell you what I did you’re going to think I’m nutso. We have our bed on those risers that add about 4″ to the height. Unfortunately, that makes the height of the bed too high for the standard 14″ and 18″ drop skirt variety. I looked everywhere for something that would be long enough and not cost an arm and a leg, but no luck. Ultimately I decided I’d have to make one.

Then I proceeded to do what any normal DIYer would do: buy two long tablecloths, cut them into strips and HOT GLUE them in pleats to the existing bed skirt. Oh yes, I did. I mean seriously, no one washes those things anyways. So that’s the story of my new bed skirt 🙂

I also got a couple of new pillow shams at Ross for $6/pair. They are a little bit more olive-y than my old ones, but have the coral accents that I LOVE. Of course I had to pick up another set of pillowcases to mix/match with my white and oatmeal colored sheets.

And lastly for now, I added a sheer panel of fabric in between my drop cloth curtains at the suggestion of my self professed sheer lover friend, Amy. Ooh that’s not as dirty as it sounds.

I love the filtered light- it’s so romantic and soft. It’s also nice to not see the driveway and street when I open the curtains. The plan is for the sheer/drop cloth combo to tie into the project I’m working on in the other half of the room. Ever wonder why you only see my bed and nightstands in photos? Errr…

The never ending project list continues!

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  1. Amy

    Your bedroom looks amazing! We also have a bed on risers and I haven’t been able to think of way to make something work. I am totally going to try your idea! Have a wonderful weekend

    • rachaelevans

      Amy- Thanks so much!! Let me know how the hot glue works out for ya 😉

  2. lindsay

    Wow! I have been looking at your blog for hours. Gorgeous! You must be the most patient motivated woman ever. I’m very envious 🙂 how big did your 1 rug from 2 rugs end up measuring? I need a 6X9 (preferably a faux fur like at home & they have either to big or to small as well. I’m assuming the 2 rugs wave to be even size, which i think may be my biggest issue. I thought about putting 2 together, but wasn’t sure how. duct tape, ha! What a genius idea. Also would love to know more about the drop cloth curtains & sheers & if you used anything for the rods. Im thinking of copper conduit.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your amazing DIY’s 🙂

    • rachaelevans

      Hi Lindsay- Thanks for visiting, sorry it took so long to get back to you. Yes I bought two identical rugs because I think that’s the only way to join rugs without having an unfinished edge and involving real carpet tape. My rug came out to about 8’8” x 12′ 10”. I just use basic curtain rods (I buy all mine at Ross because you can get the super long ones for <$15), but I love the idea of using conduit! It will be more expensive I think to use copper, but will look awesome. My drop cloth curtains are made from 6' x 9' drop cloths. I cut them in half to make 3' panels and hem on the cut. SUPER simple because all the edges are already hemmed. Definitely wash the drop cloth first though because it does shrink. Use fabric softener. Hope that helps!!

  3. Dr. Who

    What did you prep the plywood floors with to fill in gaps, low nails, etc.?


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