Waaaaaaayyy back when, I posted some teaser pics of a project that was happening in my bedroom.


 Maybe you guessed there was some sort of closet happening.

And, you would have been right!

So here’s the deal. Our master bedroom is very long and on the far side away from the bed (the side I almost never show you pictures of) is an alcove. I’ve tried to decorate that space about 100 times, and I’ve hated each version. A few months ago, I finally thought seriously about what I needed- not what I thought should be in a space like that. I came up with the idea of a master closet/dressing area.

Admittedly most of the time I am wearing either paint clothes or black leggings, but I felt like maybe if everything was on display and easy to find, I could muster up some fashion sense.

At first, I was determined to build a closet system a la Ana White, but after trolling Craigslist one day I stumbled upon this:

closet hutch before

I think I paid $40 for it. But what I really liked was 1) the working key hardware, and 2) that the 4 drawers were actually 2 deep drawers in disguise. It’s sitting exactly where I planned to put it, with a closet bar between it and the wall.

But first it needed a makeover.

I had to fill all the hardware holes to erase the falsified-ness. Disclaimer: This amount of filling usually doesn’t end up looking perfect. The only reason I’m doing it is because this piece is staying in my home.

Mike helped me install a double closet bar in the alcove to the left of where the hutch is. Then we put up a shelf for some IKEA storage boxes I got on my last trip.

There are still some finishing details, but I wanted to show you how it looks as of yesterday because I’m really pleased so far!

The shelf will be getting a piece of trim (I’m thinking the fluting I used on these built ins) to hide the supports. I still have to add the hardware back to the hutch (which is painted SW Dovetail, btw).

I got the storage ottoman and fun shag rug at Ross. The storage ottoman holds paint clothes, believe it or not 🙂 Sorry for some of the bad lighting, it was getting kinda late by the time I took pictures.

What do you think so far? I’m still working on a solution for jewelry and shoes. But overall I’m really happy with this nook now that it has a clear purpose 🙂

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  1. mary fran

    I love it! It looks fabulous! I saw a cute idea for necklaces on Pinterest (naturally)…it was a bust of some woman and they put the necklaces on her! Thought something similar (even an animal head, etc) would be cute in your new Nook on the Dresser.
    Great Job!
    Mary Fran

  2. Sandy

    AMAZING!!!! Love your creative ideas!!! Keep up the great job!!
    You’ve inspired me to get to work on my closet now!!!
    Thanks!! 😉 xoxo

  3. marissa

    I absolutely love the grey. Gosh don’t let my closet see this post it is a total mess…that and the floor of my bedroom that is 😉

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