With Gallery Glass.

When I last posted about this product, I showed you my new front door.

But there’s also a little window to the right of the door that needed some attention. 99% of the windows in our house are double hung, which means the tops are all getting a little GG love- starting with Mr. Front and Center.

This little cutie didn’t take much time at all, but it makes a big impact in the overall look.

I love how it pops at night! I’m working on the 3 large windows to the right of this shot…the ones that look out into the driveway and street (awesome view, I know). Since they are much larger, it’s taking me some time- but it will be totally worth it. I’m duplicating the front door pattern on the center window with the small window pattern echoed on each side. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together 🙂 Have any of you tried Gallery Glass since I posted about it?

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  1. Judy B

    How excited I am to find your blog. I got here because saw the floor. Just what I need for my sewing room. Gallery glass… love this stuff. I have been using it for many years. In previous house had done a window in dining room and when we went to sell always heard about the window and wasn’t I going to miss it. Always thought it was the real thing. In my new place I have done something on a window in almost every room. Love it because of privacy issue and don’t have to use curtains. Hardest part is finding the supplies when needed. Can’t wait to continue seeing your great work!

    • rachaelevans

      Judy- I know what you mean, it’s hard to find here too. Michaels has it, but it looks like they are either getting rid of it or bringing in a new product line from Martha Stewart. We just got a Joann’s, and I was happy to find it there too!


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