…for last minute Thanksgiving Day table decor. Yes?

Ok, so I totally dropped the ball on this- sorry about that. But I still wanted to share what my table looks like for tomorrow night’s dinner. It includes some fun things I’ve always wanted to do.

I was dying to get my harvest on by arranging flowers in a cabbage. I just used a knife and a grapefruit spoon to hollow out an area roughly the size of a small mason jar.

Then you pop in the jar (or other vessel of your choice) and arrange away!

That way you can do this ahead of time, and put the cabbage back in the fridge until it’s time for your guests to arrive.

I also made a mini vase out of a turnip root using the same method.

I really wanted to use artichokes, but they are darn expensive! So I bought a few smaller turnips and a couple of bunches of radishes to add to my arrangement on the table. I did some early morning creeping in the neighbors’ yards and snipped some tuft-y grass things as well as some dried flowers.

Rustic, relaxed, and colorful really is what I was going for, because my actual table-ware is very neutral. I started with an opened burlap coffee sack as a runner and just mixed and matched stuff I had 🙂 Don’t be intimidated by setting a table. Things are way more relaxed now, the trend being more towards fun and eclectic rather than formal. In fact, I really don’t have much of a clue about the “rules” at all. So without further ado, I’ll just post a few more pictures of the table.

I mixed my Ironstone collection with parts of my china. I have really gotten to love layering dishes!

The chargers used to be bright red metallic, I got them on clearance after the holidays one year and ORBed them. I got the little butter plates at Goodwill, you know I couldn’t pass up the monogram!

There you have it! In honor of the holiday, there will be no Lovely Crafty Weekend this week, so I will see you all on Monday. I hope you all have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving with lots of food, family, and fun.

11 Responses

  1. Sandy Walters

    Looks fantastic! Wish we were coming!! I know your dinner will be delicious! Have a wonderful day and don’t cook too hard, lol!

  2. Jacinda

    Oh my goodness this looks like a page out of a magazine! You did a wonderful job and I love the idea of putting flowers in veggies! I love your dishes too. Beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Amy Evans

    Stunning!! Its a modern harvest masterpiece! Can’t wait to celebrate Evans family Thanksgiving with you, my wonderful, talented friend.

  4. sarz

    Wow what an amazing idea putting vases in the veggies. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but if we did I would want a table setting just like this one!!!! Well done it looks amazing xx

  5. cathyhaden

    The chinaware, flowers, designs everything looks just perfect your dining table. It looks like a part of an elegant restaurant. Looking forward to more of such creative decorative ideas from your side!


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