In the bathroom, that is.

We’re lucky in that both of our bathrooms have windows…but we’re pretty close to the house next door, so we’ve always kept them covered. We’ve had faux wood blinds in the downstairs bath for awhile now (originally recycled from the living room), but truthfully I’ve always hated them. They let almost no light in, so it made an otherwise bright bathroom seem like a cave. So with the new spa-like Airstone tub makeover, I knew they needed to go!

guest bath blinds

{Photo circa 2011}

I’ve been making some progress, starting with trying out some clear contact paper on the the bottom window pane. From what I hear, this stuff ends up giving a fair amount of privacy-and so far so good.

bathroom window progress

You can tell I obviously started this before the tub makeover 😛

When I took down the blinds though, I noticed a lot of wall damage and touch ups would need to be done. Blah. It’s evidence that I’m just as lazy as I tell you I am- I can’t even be bothered to paint behind obstructions. That’ll teach me.

While I’m working on the wall damage, I cut up part of the set of sheer set I talked about in my Airstone post to make a curtain. I left the curtain the full width of the fabric until I frost the upper half. Then I’ll lower the tension rod (I’m not sure how low yet), and hem the curtain to length.

bathroom changes

So that’s where I’m at with operation Let There Be Light. Anyone feel like helping me repaint those stripes up top?

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  1. mary fran

    I, too, am lazy—so what I would do is put up a cornice or something over that area to hide the damaged area. 😉
    I have put the contact paper on my powder room windows since they are ground level and it works well.
    Good Luck painting!

  2. Linda

    I’ll help paint! (too bad I live in WI). I just finished doing stripes in my guest room/craft room so I think I can do it again!
    I’m trying to think of how to incorporate that airstone in my home now that you did it.

  3. Abbey C

    Our bathroom has the EXACT same layout and window placement. Luckily our window has frosted glass, however one thing I have to pay attention to since they built houses behind us is that when it’s dark outside anyone in a well lit bathroom casts a perfect silhouette on the window!


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