I am so excited!!

Have I told you that I’ve been researching concrete overlays for my kitchen counters? Maybe I haven’t. Sometimes I like to keep things to myself until I’m really going to pull the trigger. In any case, I have been literally drooling over concrete counters for MONTHS. At first, I thought we’d have to pour our own, then I stumbled upon several blogger-invented methods of pouring a “skim coat” in place on top of your existing counters. But all of that still seemed a little iffy, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the risk. Remember my rule: take the risk, but only if you’re prepared to deal with a total fail!! Buying new countertops to replace our perfectly fine, very nice laminate is really not in the cards if my concrete experiment fails.

I put it out of my head for awhile until I ran across talk of “kits”…products contractors typically use with pre-packaged bonding coat, cement, color, sealer, etc. I was pretty much sold on the idea.

Now, not all kits are created equal. Sometimes I think they are unnecessary, and you can get the same results for less money (and have more choices). But concrete mixing just terrifies me. I did projects in college where we mixed up different ratios of cement/sand/water and then found the breaking points. To put it lightly, the ratios matter. Trust me on that 🙂

Plus, if you want a different color than concrete gray…well, that’s another variable to add in the mix (literally). I just feel like the kit might be my friend for this project, don’t you think? I had pretty much decided this might be a summer project, until the folks at Encore contacted me earlier in the week about reviewing their kit. I seriously squealed with delight!! Once I found out it was a cement based product (not a paint) and that it was eco friendly, I said “Sign me up!”

Now, I just have to pick a color.

color swatch

I’m leaning towards the sterling with the white cabinets and my travertine and glass mosaic backsplash, what do you think? I figured while I was pulling out my sink to do the countertops, I want to install a new under-mount version. Who has a sink they seriously love? Single bowl or double bowl? I’ve always had a double bowl, but I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.

New faucet 2

New faucet 1

I am so excited to try the Encore product, if it is as amazing in real life as it is in the pictures, I will finally have the concrete counter of my dreams!!! (And I’ll tell you how to get one too!)