Remember last week when I told you I was getting an Encore countertop kit to redo my kitchen counters? Well I was having trouble deciding, so the nice folks at Encore sent me some swatches! I *think* I’m going to go with the Sterling Gray afterall. What do you think?

encore color options

It’s second from the left. I think it brings out the gray in the mosaic accent tile, and stays true to how I want my concrete to look (I like the idea of the mocha color, but brown concrete seems odd to me).

encore colors

I like the black as well, but with the black appliances it might be too much.

encore counter swatches

I’m also 100% committed to repainting my bottom cabinets now, something a little darker to blend well with the darker gray countertops, leaving the uppers white for contrast. Yes I did just say I was re-painting my cabinets. OMG.

encore sterling gray swatch

My only concern is I don’t know if I should remove the 4″ mini backsplash and attempt to continue the tile, or if I should cover it with the Encore. Actually now that I wrote that, I think I better remove it, huh? I was considering using rows of the mosaic accent tile since it’s unlikely I’ll get a perfect fit from 2 rows of travertine…similar to the look under the window?

New faucet 2

But, I’ll probably have to remove that tile and replace some of it with travertine though…sigh…it will be so worth it though!! Still on the sink hunt, off to browse 🙂


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  1. misty

    I’m just curious if you did your countertop’s yet I was going to use the Rustoleum kit but then I found this one and I think it sounds more durable and less toxic!
    I am staining my cabinets a dark walnut color and was going for a lighter color on the countertops not sure how the champagne would look… please post some pictures


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