I believe it’s invention’s.

In any case, it makes you do crazy and sometimes awesome things. Like when you’re planting some garden seeds, and you realize you forgot to get any kind of official looking marker at Home Depot, and your house suddenly seems devoid of anything remotely stick-like.

I ransacked my craft room for anything I could use. I didn’t have any paint stirrers or faux bamboo skewers, which unfortunately were at the top of my list of potentials. Then I spotted these tiny clothespins, and I thought, “Flag-like, not stick-like!”

Picture me in the center of the craft room literally scanning 360 deg when my eyes landed on a can of paintbrushes…the thin ones, like artist’s ones only cheap-o.


paint brush and clothespin garden marker

I kind of like them actually, not bad for a creative idea born out of necessity. Don’t mind last year’s mulch, I’m determined not to mulch this bed until every plant I want in there is in place.

paint brush plant marker


creative garden marker

In other news, do you know what this little beauty is?

peony plant

Only my pride and joy, my favorite flower, my peonies are back! I have two of them actually 🙂 Can’t wait until they bloom!

Do any of you use non-traditional garden markers? Share what you’re rolling with this year!

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  1. mary fran

    Great Idea! I do weird things too with stuff I have at home.
    I knew they were peonies right away! I LOVE peonies too. We had them in our yard when I was growing up. They were transplanted from the house my mother grew up in…so they are close to 100 years old now. They still bloom too!


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