So I’ve been working on my little blue-cast problem in the guest room that I told you about earlier in the week…

Here’s the best before picture I could get…it’s really hard to tell, but this looks most definitely blue in person. I’ve had other people over to look to make sure I wasn’t imagining it! I was still experimenting when I stopped, which left this not-so-sweet gradient effect. Ombre is not cool on the plank wall.

white wash before

So I got out a bunch of stain colors, some brown, grey, reddish, and black, and I started going to town. My goal was to create that weathered wood look, not necessarily a beachy white-wash. Sooo…I tried a few things, and I think it’s getting better. I haven’t done the whole wall yet (sorry about the shadow), but here’s a peek.

grey-wash fix

I think the layers create a more interesting look, versus just a flat white-wash. I wanted the wood to look like each piece had maybe seen different conditions and age, so I’ll be working more on that this week. But at least most of the wall is a uniform shade now, and it doesn’t look blue in person 🙂 I like the softness of this over the older dark stain, since I’m planning to re-paint and re-decorate in there. I actually SOLD my beloved Union Jack Dresser. Again, sorry about the lighting!

gilded frames

Look for big changes in the coming weeks!

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