Woohoo it’s the weekend again! Got any fun plans for the holiday? I’m hoping the rain holds out long enough to get working on our decks- they need to be cleaned and re-stained so badly!

Let’s get right to the party this week!

Or….not, just kidding. Apparently my Linky Tools subscription just expired. Which leads me to….should I even keep hosting these parties? Do you enjoy them?

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    • Jodi Blackmon

      I mean’list not available.’ Am I supposed to have a linky tools account to post? I don’t remember signing up for one.

  1. Randi

    I am moderatly certain I have never been featured here. But I keep coming back.

    So the answer is keep it!

  2. Annemarie

    I love your weekly link party! I’m not always able to link up, but when I can I always visit your blog. I hope you will continue!
    Best wishes, Annemarie
    p.s. I have a link party myself today. If you have the time I hope you can visit!


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