I hope you don’t think that I’ve forgotten about blogging, it’s just that sometimes you get into projects that take several days or weeks even, and I don’t want to fill this place up with, “Look! The second coat of paint!” Or, “No blog post today, stayed up too late catching up on Justified.” For those of you who wonder what someone like me who has no children and no “real” job does with her free time…it’s TV watching. While knitting, obviously.

I have to admit that I miss doing small crafts and decorative projects, and I’m not really sure why or how I’ve moved away from that. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the larger projects, the grand vision, if you will (Thanks, Pinterest!).

Do you ever see something online or in a magazine (or worse, in a store leading to a full-blown toddler style tantrum) that makes you want to throw out everything you own and start over? This happens to me daily, if not multiple times a day. It’s hard to nail down your own personal style when you’re surrounded by seemingly unending visual information, and there are so many great designers out there that inspire me. I struggle to balance style that I love with what actually works for us, our lifestyle, and our house. Mid-century modern, for example, is a total guilty pleasure. I’ve used pieces from that style in other people’s homes, but if I’m being honest with myself, it doesn’t really work in ours. We live in a craftsman style home with board and batten. I’m unequivocally obsessed with all things that resemble pallet wood. I love natural materials: wood, metal, flowers, burlap, linen, etc. I also really love metallic things. Oh, and also colors.  All of these style crushes lead to constant re-doing/re-working/re-painting until the  moment when my brain goes “Ahhhhh.” It’s an actual sound I hear in my head, happening so rarely it often takes me by surprise.

At my gym, we have this thing we do during warm-ups sometimes that’s called “Question of the Day.” The point being to get to know our fellow gluttons-for-punishment just a wee bit better. One day it was something about what animal we’d be, like a cat or a dog, if we had to choose. I think I really most resemble a fruit fly, and I’m not saying that to be self-deprecating. If you took out all the logic and higher thought from my brain, I really would be fluttering around at random, moving towards the most appealing thing in the moment and then moving on to the next. If you know me personally, this really isn’t a shocking revelation. It’s kind of a family joke, as several of us have this ability to be extremely passionate about a topic at a moment’s notice. The trick is that the interest has to be self born-as in, I alone have to come to the conclusion that this concept/thing/idea is interesting to me (we also inherited the iron-clad ability to resist peer pressure, further reinforced by participating in a trial study based on the movie Inception). Maybe this 0-60 behavior comes off as fake or superficial, but it really is genuine-albeit it sometimes fleeting- interest.

Can you imagine what typing pinterest.com into the web browser does to a person like me? Well, maybe you can, if you’ve been reading LCH for any length of time. Really doesn’t haven’t to be a long time…like probably within the week. It is a constant struggle to separate the fleeting interest from something I can love for life. I dabble in certain styles and trends, then ultimately return to pallets, mercury glass, and burlap.

But no one really wants to say, “I’m a fruit fly” out loud. So I said “dog.”

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