What are you all doing for Thanksgiving this year? We will be spending it up in DC with extended family due to the convenient timing of my cousin’s bar mitzvah. I’m so excited to see family I haven’t seen in at least 10 years! Since I won’t be setting a table this year, I thought I’d share some ideas from last year’s table 🙂 Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so while I’m thrilled to be with my family, I am a little bummed I won’t get to put out a spread of my own. Ya know, first world problems.

If you want everyone at your table to bow down to your culinary prowess, please make this pie.

black bottom pumpkin pie

I have a ton of recipes that are tried and true, but this was the mega crowd pleaser!

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know I love to arrange flowers. Last year I arranged flowers inside food! I would totally do this again, if we were at home. Maybe pumpkins or squash??

cabbage centerpiece

diy cabbage centerpiece 3

turnip flower arrangement

Have you ever tried this? It’s so fun, and easier than you might think. I talk about the how-to a little more in the original post.

Thanksgiving table 1

As for table setting, I would probably mix in some of my new additions (yes, I bought more china…I know…it’s a problem).

new additions for thanksgiving

I recently picked up those festive holiday-ish plates at an estate sale. But my real love is Ironstone- I will buy any I come across basically. I love collecting it, and it blends so well with other pieces. Do you collect any china? Believe me when I tell you I never thought I would say that I do! I love my little “E” butter dishes, a $0.25/ea find at Goodwill. You know I can’t resist a monogram.

thanksgiving table centerpiece 1

I still love and use my twine napkin rings, a DIY project WAYYYYY back in the archives (just looked, and it’s 2010!!). Although I am itching for a new set… perhaps a project for later this month.

Thanksgiving Table Setting 1

Are you hosting this year? What do you have planned for your tablescape? Do you have a standout recipe that you make every year?

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  1. Claudia A.

    Ugh! Since both my parents and the Hubs parents have all passed. We like going to one of the State Parks and enjoy time/dinner there. No muss, no fuss. I love it!

  2. joy isaacson

    hey, rachael. don’t dispair about not setting a table. i would love to have a centerpiece made by you. just bring your stuff with you, and we’ll assemble it here!!. you are so creative, i’d hate to miss the opportunity to work with you!!!
    aunt joy


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