Ok, I know I’m WAY late to this party.

You’ve probably already done this project.

But I finally got around to doing it, so I’m sharing darnit!

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lantern

Last week, I was cruising around the Dollar Tree, and I spotted these guys.

Dollar Tree Solar Stake

The reason I was so super stoked to find these is because they fit perfectly inside the ring lid of a mason jar! I have seen other versions using some of the larger lamps, but to me it looked like someone dropped in the top of a solar stake into a jar. The way the plastic molding part of the lamp sat on top always kind of bothered me.

Now don’t be offended if you have made some of these, it’s just a personal preference! I wanted the look of something totally integrated and pretty watertight. I haven’t seen these narrow versions anywhere else for a decent price, so I suggest you run to your nearest Dollar Tree and hoard them immediately!

The jar lanterns come together pretty quickly, it took me about 30 minutes to do 5. We’re only using the top part of the lamp (the sensor and light), so twist that off and push it through a canning lid/ring. It will fit snugly, just apply a little pressure to get it to go through from the bottom up. I pushed mine through about 1/8″-1/4″.

solar mason jars

Then take some Liquid Nails or silicone and run a bead around the edge where the lamp meets the ring. You can do it on the underside as well.

gluing light to jar lid

While those are drying, grab some steel wire (18 gauge works great), pliers, and wire cutters.

steel wire

Cut a piece of wire a little longer than you need to go around the jar right under the screw threads. Give the ends a twist with the pliers to hold it in place.

mason jar lanterns

Then cut another piece of wire as long as you’d like your “handle” to be. I kept mine pretty short. Turn up both ends into a “U” with the pliers.

diy mason jar lantern

Slip the “U” ends underneath the wire you wrapped around the jar, you’ll probably need to put them both in around your twist and slide them into position. Then close up the “Us” with the pliers and give the other ends a few more twists. Trim and bend the whole twist towards the jar, so keep the sharp edges away from hands!

easy mason jar lantern

Wait until your lids are completely dry before putting them on, then enjoy your new mason jar hanging lanterns! I hung mine from shepherd’s hooks (also Dollar Tree finds) near my patio table.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lantern



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  1. brett

    OMG – You aren’t the last one to do this because I haven’t either and I NEED these! Thanks for the thorough tutorial – I’m off to the dollar store now! xx, b

  2. Julie

    I think I can follow those instructions. Stopping by Dollar Tree is now on my errands list for the morning.


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