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Organization is probably one of my least favorite tasks. I like things organized, and I appreciate a good system, but the execution has always been a problem for me. That's why I hide things in drawers and cabinets 🙂

Those would be the drawers in my bathrooms (yes, both of them). So when Duck® Brand offered to let me try out their shelf liner products, I took that as an opportunity to clean up my act in more ways than one.

Firstly, this ain't your grandma's shelf liner. I was pleasantly surpised at the fun and modern pattern options. I chose the tan/white paisley-ish pattern for my drawers. But first, I had to empty them and do a quick cleaning.

My drawers were definitely in less than perfect shape. I felt a little bad about this actually. I mean, I really should have done this right when we moved in. Oh well, you live and learn!

A few measurements and snips with some scissors, and we have a brand new look! This took about 5 minutes, and I really think it makes a big difference.

Much cleaner!! I could not believe how much stuff I threw out after going through these 4 small drawers. 

The shelf liner is not only functional, but it gave me motivation to tackle my messes! Watch out world, I'm going to line everything now. I even had enough leftover to do the cabinet next to the drawers in both bathrooms – although the downstairs bathroom was in worse shape.

I'm loving it!! Duck Brand's Shelf Liner was easy to use – it's easily cut to shape and stays put without actually sticky to the surface. There are tons of other uses for it, check out Pinterest and Facebook more more ideas. (pssst…I've also used it under couch cushions to hold them in place) Do you have a space that needs some TLC?

One lucky winner will get a Duck® Brand product bag full of goodies!

To enter, just comment on this post telling me what project you would tackle in your home 🙂 Giveaway will be open for 1 week. 

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20 Responses

  1. Mandi Turner

    I would tackle my craft room space. My drawers to all my cubes, put it on top of the cubes where I have my big shot and other crafty items. I would put it between my mattress an box spring to stop them from sliding around. Kitchen cupboards under dishes/pots and pans. So many uses to use it for. I think it would be fun to see where I could put it at in my home.

  2. Jennifer Still

    What a great transformation! I would use this to tackle my bathroom cabinets organization too; they’re horrifying!

  3. Kelly Decker

    Oh my, so many projects to tackle, but seriously the one that would deliver the most satisfaction would be my tiny laundry room.

  4. Janet

    Very nice! I think I would start with my bathroom drawers and shelves and then maybe tackle the kitchen drawers!

  5. Sharon S

    After seeing this, I’d do the cabinets under all my sinks. What an improvement.

  6. Teresa

    Love this stuff…used it in my daughters new house for the dishes and glassware, but why not treat myself!!! we always have no problem beautifying someone else’s space but don’t think we are worthy of such fun stuff for out of the way areas. I think it is time!

  7. Lisa McCade

    Thanks for the detailed description about how using the Duck shelf liners not only made everything more attractive but also sort of “forced” you to do a major cleaning/reorganization project. I NEED THAT!

    I would start with a bookcase in our living room (since it needs something to liven it up) and then probably move to the bedroom dresser drawers

    Thanks very much,

  8. Bertie Yearout

    I have a four year old grandchild in the home who loves to pull my large cushions off couch and love seat onto the floor. Thanks for the idea of using the liners under the cushions. I will try that, also have wood floors so some furniture slides too easily and so I will try using the liners under those as well. I also intend to try them in my car, under the floor mats that tend to slide forward on the carpet. I might even try using some in the trunk for sitting grocery bags or 12 packs of soda on to keep them from shifting too much. Thanks for all the great ideas. Good luck everyone.

  9. Susan

    I would start in the kitchen. I just moved into a house with really nice wood cabinets, and I don’t want them getting damaged by slightly damp dishes and regular daily use. My kitchen is my home within a home!

  10. Aleta

    I would start by organizing under my cabinets because they are a mess.

  11. Kristi

    The shelves in the hallway. We have just thrown stuff on the top 2 shelves where we cant see it, to hide it 🙂

  12. Sandy R

    Never knew shelf paper/liner could be so attractive!! Love these! Now I need to get it in gear and clean out my cabinets & drawers! thanks Rachael!

  13. Emily

    I would tackle my pantry, it really needs some help in a big way.

  14. Ashley Reese

    I love the look of this liner! We bought our first home in September, and the main area that needs organizing is our kitchen. In our haste to get in, I didn’t line the shelves or take time to organize our tools and cookware. It’s such a pain to dig through just to find a potato peeler or tongs!


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