I apologize for the silence, my computer has taken some time off.

I did not authorize this vacation, it happened suddenly and has left me in the dark.

As in, my screen stopped working.

Without the ability to edit photos, I’m kinda stuck as far as content goes. I know you people don’t want to read posts without pictures. Because I wouldn’t either. LAME!

BUT in other happy news, I have been working on a site re-design, and it should be launching soon! It will feature a new look, logo, and more! So please be patient with me during my down time, feel free to cruise around the archives, and I promise I’ll be back with fresh content soon!



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  1. Craig C

    If you think you need some help with fixing your screen issues, let me know — hard to fix a computer issue without a working screen! — Craig Collins (Asheville Blogger Society)


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