Oh the weather has not been kind to me friends. I’ve been trying on and off to finish painting our (4) porches for at least a year. I’m making some headway now, but I still have 1 1/2 to go. In order to make myself feel better, I decided to spend some time really sprucing up front porch which is done (for now, ha!).

Jute Porch Stair Runner

I have been thinking about doing this for awhile really, but I only just came across the perfect rug for this task – a simple 3×5 100% jute rug from Ross. I believe it was $19.99. To install it, I used my Ryobi brad/nailer (battery powered). I would not recommend a hand stapler for this task as it won’t penetrate through the rug. You could use an old fashioned hammer and small nails, though!

I started at the top and went down each stair, tacking down the rug as much as necessary to keep it from slipping. I’m hoping that the natural fiber rug will last awhile, but I’m not under any delusion that it won’t have to be replaced – eventually. For now, I think it really elevates my simple wood staircase entry…and the cats seem to enjoy lounging on it.

summer porch makeover


DIY porch stair jute runner

I’ve also purchased Boston Fern #4 of the season, hoping to make it last until Fall. Seriously, are these the most beautifully picky and hard to care for plants or what? I can literally hear them screaming as I’m walking down the aisle trying to pick one out like “Nooooo don’t pick me!!!!” It might as well be a death sentence. Still, I can’t help myself. Look how happy it is (day 1)!

summer porch decorWhat do you think? Would you ever consider adding a runner to your porch stairs? Any advice on caring for a Boston Fern???

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    • Rachael Evans

      Eh, we eventually had to remove it. I still love the idea, but it started to get gross haha.


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