I know I’m literally the last blogger to share my fall decorations. Better late than never, right? I’m really trying to curb my knick knack acquisition habit, so I’m relying [mostly] on items I already have to decorate this season.

Easy Fall Foyer Decor

The only new item is the urn – $2 at Goodwill 🙂

I enjoy decorating this piece in the foyer, but it’s still slightly intimidating no matter how many times I’ve done it. Like most of you, I’ve seen so many beautiful magazine images (and other blogs!) with perfectly arranged items on coffee tables, bookshelves, and mantles. This type of thing definitely does not come naturally to me, but I have developed a few tricks that help.

(1) See all your options

First, I like to get out everything I could possibly use. I keep seasonal bins of decorative items in the basement, so I dragged up the “Fall/Halloween” box and took out everything I liked. Then I just mindlessly begin moving things around the space. Eventually a combination or placement will jump out at you, then move onto another area. Don’t be afraid to keep tweaking until you like what you see!

(2) Repeat things that work

I like the way the twine balls look on the leaf votive holders, for example, so I do that pretty much every year 🙂 I also like to have some type of floral/branch element for every season, which is a great way to add height. You’ll notice I usually incorporate a stack of books as well, I just change out the books depending on the colors of their jackets.

fall seasonal decor

(3) Mix materials

I’m a huge fan of mixing metallics together and with other elements like natural wood, burlap, or cuttings from a plant. This gives the result a cultivated feel, like things have been collected over time and “tossed” together perfectly. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy, feel free to explore your creativity with different materials, textures, and colors.

(4) Keep it balanced

This may happen without you even realizing it, as balance is naturally aesthetically appealing. But if you’re getting stuck and things look “off,” try actively looking for balance. Perhaps using a pair of candlesticks instead of just one or placing items of similar height on either side of your area will do the trick. Achieving balance will likely give you that “ah ha” moment.

fall foyer 2014

(5) Get in the mood

No I don’t mean a la Marvin Gaye (I mean, whatever floats your boat though). But I like to turn on some tunes, burn some seasonal candles or get wax melts going, and embrace the task at hand. If I’m distracted, rushed, or not that into it, the result usually shows it (hmmm maybe it IS like Marvin Gaye afterall). But most of all, just enjoy some time being creative!

DIY Fall Foyer Decor


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  1. Garry

    The frame color of the mirror matches the drawer perfectly. Simple and beautiful.

    Just noticed something in the reflection of the mirror. Is that a clock hanging at the opposite wall?


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