I’ve been working on these open shelves in the office the past week or so. You may remember a long long time ago when we first installed them. Since then, I have really been under-utilizing them. The wide open space was just so intimidating – and let’s face it, I have a lot of crap that doesn’t look good on display. But as my craft rooms takes on more uses – office, sewing room, crafting room, storage, etc. – I really needed to tackle this project.

So I gathered up all my crap and spent a couple of hours trying to make it look nice. Here’s where it stands so far. The top shelf still needs work – it’s a catch all right now.

Craft Room Open Shelving

I love my [meager] yarn stash and wanted to display it, so instead of having the baskets upright, I turned them on their sides. Ideally I would have 5 more beautiful glass jars, but I’m working with what I have!

Lovely Crafty Home Office

I have a couple of storage boxes filled with sewing notions and parts for my machines.  The clear drawer containers aren’t super glamorous, but they hold nails, screws, hanging hardware, and other small materials. My favorite little area is the craft paint section – complete with ceramic paint bucket and Frank Blake (of Home Depot) bobble head (Psssst, remember when I met him as part of the Celebration of Service campaign for Stiggy’s Dogs??)

Craft Room and Office Organization

I also put some vintage knitting patterns/books on display. I think they are so neat looking! P.S. That BEAUTIFUL piece of pottery (called a yarn bowl) was a gift from a dear friend…I know, you’re jealous.

Open Shelving OrganizationI still have more work to do in here – which is why I’m conveniently not showing you any other part of the room. See how I did that? Clever photography trickery! But I’m hoping to incorporate more storage using crates as well as an existing peg board which is getting a makeover. So stay tuned for that 🙂 Meanwhile, I’m accepting any tips and suggestions on how YOU use open shelving/storage. Anyone brave enough to have it in the kitchen??

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  1. _emily_rose

    I think your shelves look great! They’re such a great use of space. 🙂

    I do have some open shelving in my kitchen, and I’m about to go all in. I started with a bakers rack for my dishes & floating shelves for my glass jars of pantry staples – pasta, flour, sugar, popcorn & other assorted items. I’ve moved the bakers rack, and next is a wall of built-ins! It will be part pantry (more jars & my home canned stuff), as well as a home for my cookbooks, milk glass collection, small appliances, and some of my dishes and glassware. I’m still keeping a LOT in my kitchen cabinets, but I like the idea of the shelves too. Since I don’t have a pantry, I have a lot of clear jars. It works with my simple color palette, and helps me know what I have available to cook with!

    • Rachael Evans

      That sounds beautiful Emily! I loooove milk glass, but don’t own any. I envy anyone who can keep a clean looking pantry with glass jars…I just can’t seem to make it work for some reason. I have to hide my kitchen/pantry mess big time!

  2. Mary Fran

    I think it looks fantastic. I love all the little details…and your paint section is adorable.
    I need to do this in my back bedroom/craft room/exercise room. I think it might be a good fit with the open shelving idea. I have to SEE what I have or I never find it.
    If you wanted to fancy up your plastic storage with the draws (which, I agree, are super handy) I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest…duct tape or paint the white parts. I think they look great now, just sharing an idea. Can you come to my house in PA???? 😉 Great job. Can’t wait to see the rest of the room!

    • Rachael Evans

      Thank you Mary Fran! Oooh a fun color spray paint on the drawers would be cute, thanks for the idea! Where in PA are you? I have family there.

      • Mary Fran

        Hi…we are Northwest of Pittsburgh, about 10 miles past the airport. I grew up in Aliquippa (if you follow football…the home of Mike Ditka, Ty Law and Darrelle Revis) and I now live in Beaver.
        I love all your ideas. I am starting a clean eating 21 day weightloss plan so I was going to check out some of your Paleo recipes.

        Mary Fran

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