This is one of those projects I did a few weeks ago and forgot to blog about….whoops! Which reminds me, you should really follow me on Instagram. I work hard to keep up an expert blend of cat pictures, food porn, and of course – the selfie. If you’re into CrossFit, there’s a fair amount of that too. But more importantly, I also post “sneak peek” shots of what I’m working on at the house. I love looking at these from other bloggers! It does also give the appearance that I am very productive, even when I’m not. Sometimes I like to work creatively for awhile before being in the zone to actually write about it here. Instagram bridges the gap for me.

Then you can be like “Hey, where’s the post on that project you posted on Instagram 2 weeks ago??” and call me out!

In any case, this like most things, is a work in progress. I have been wanting to do an art project like this for some time and decided the guest room would be a great place for it because 1) it’s fun and funky in there and 2) it involves a lot of textures that compliment the room.

Easy Embroidery Hoop Fabric Wall Art

This is a great scrap-busting project too, if you’re like me and hoard fabric scraps. Just lay the fabric on the bottom ring of the hoop and place the top ring over that to secure the fabric in place. Adjust the tautness by pulling the edges, then tighten down the metal fitting. Trim the edges so they don’t peek out from the front. I used small brads in the wall to hang these – they are super light! I’m planning to add a bunch more around the mirror using scraps I have that are in the same color palette.

embroidery hoop fabric artThe wood and brass really compliment the other items in the room, but you could totally paint these hoops to match your decor. This took about 15 minutes – so quick and cheap, and a GREAT way to fill a large wall space. What do you think? How fun would these be in a kid’s room with awesome prints? Or even with letter cut-outs glued on top of the fabric to spell a word or a {gasp!} monogram (now I obviously have to add one to my “E” gallery wall)? Would you use this art in your home?

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