Have you ever had a favorite clothing item that got ruined somehow??

Shirt Before

One of my favorite slouchy Ts from my summer capsule wardrobe ended up with two holes around the pocket.

Refashioning a shirt with holes

It’s probably because I didn’t not follow the washing instructions….whoops! I know it’s just a simple t-shirt, but I wanted to try and save it – and try my hand at a little “refashion.” I have decent sewing skills, right???

I went to the fabric store to find something to line or cover the pocket, so basically I could just cover the holes up. I looked at lace, sequins, fringe, etc, but eventually decided on about a 1/2″ leather-like trim. I got a yard just in case of mistakes and brought it home.

I mitered the corners like a frame and glued down 3 strips right around the pocket. I do want to stitch them down both sides, but my machine wasn’t cooperating. For now, some liquid stitch is doing the job 🙂

leather lined pocketI’ve even since washed it on delicate cycle (inside out of course), and the tape is still in place! I will really be stitching it on though. I think it will add a nice touch and make it look more professional.

DIY tshirt with leather trim

What do you think? Have you ever salvaged a garment like this??


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  1. Pam

    LOL….yep, messed up several nice tops but mine is usually with craft paint or grease that I forgot to treat before washing and drying….


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