I’m sure by now you’ve heard the latest trend.

It’s turned the chunky crayons and simple pages into something more sophisticated.

Oh yes, I’m talking about adult coloring books.

Usually when I tell people I have adult coloring books, I get one of two reactions:

“Me, too!!!”


“What? Is that like porn??”

For those that haven’t heard of it, once I explain, they typically want to try it. That’s how it happened for me.

I consider myself a “realistic” color-er, as in, leaves are green and bark is brown. The first piece I colored was what I thought was a yak. I don’t know if it actually is, but I was inspired by the pre-existing background shade.


I’ve been working on this Owl and Tree piece for months, learning to be more creative with my shading:

Owl and Leaves 1

Owl and Leaves

But recently I started finding images online of some coloring pages that were colored in a more interesting way, so I started experimenting.

Like this one I’m still working on, done in only shades of green and blue:

Blues and Greens

And this one, which I dubbed “Taste the Rainbow”:

Taste the Rainbow

I really love it when a hobby evolves and takes you outside of your comfort zone. It seems silly, but coloring things “unnatural” colors was kind of freeing. I’m like a total rebel. Don’t mess with me and my pencils.

Are any of you into coloring? What do you use to color? Pens? Pencils? Do you have a favorite brand? What books do you have?

I have Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest (just acquired) by Johanna Basford as well as the Art Therapy book from Posh. I think it will be years before I make a dent in these. Apparently I’m a fan of complete time suck hobbies like knitting and coloring. Basically I’ll do anything that lets me binge watch TV for hours on end. #truth

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  1. Sheila Rizzolo

    Can I ask how to do the shading? I’ve tried and it doesn’t come out right.

    • Rachael Evans

      Hi Sheila – I think it just takes practice! I use different intensities of the same color and I have a blending stick (basically just a paper pencil – you can find them in the art/pencil section of a craft store) which helps blend. Keep trying!!! When all else fails, get more colors 🙂


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