There’s a crispness in the air lately, which means only one thing: FALL IS COMING!

Of course I bee-lined to the local farmer’s market to stock up on pumpkins and other seasonal items. Obviously it’s not ideal to spend money on ornamental pumpkins every year (that you can’t preserve), but we all have our vices.

I dug out my fall decorations and went to town on the front porch.

Simple Fall Porch DecorI can’t resist getting a giant mum for the porch every year. A lot of times they will be SUPER expensive at the beginning of the season, so I like to shop around.  A similar size mum was about $16 at Home Depot, but I found this purple beauty at a local grocery store for just $9.98. More money for pumpkins!

The crate is from Michaels, on sale, as is the sign (purchased both for around $10). The pumpkins and bittersweet came from the farmer’s market, and the rest of the items I already had.

Fall Porch Decor

On the other side of the door, I planned the most awesome topiary yet. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 20 or 30 minutes stacking up different options to see what I like best. This year I stumbled across a gourd I hadn’t seen before. It looked like a giant apple, and it just so happens to be called an apple gourd! I knew I had to use it this year!

Fall Pumpkin Stack Topiary

How stinkin’ cute is it?! Everything else on this side came from my stash, so really the only large investment I made this year was in gourds. Obviously it was unavoidable.

Pumpkin Topiary Front Porch

I’m loving it!! Have you decorated your porch yet?

Fall Front Porch 2015

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