It’s starting to get really chilly here, especially at night! Even though I typically get on the fall bandwagon early with decorating and dressing (um yes, I am having a heat stroke in this sweater…don’t judge me), I start to really get excited when the weather finally turns.

I wore a blanket scarf yesterday and felt so validated.

A few weeks ago, I shared my porch decor.

Simple Fall Porch DecorSo today I want to share my inside decorations 🙂 I typically keep these to just the foyer, or the foyer and the dining room. My house is small to moderate in size, and too many decorations looks like clutter really quickly. Plus, remember I’m still working on becoming more minimalist.

I reuse the same items all the time, I just place them differently or use them in different ways 🙂 But of course, the white ironstone pitcher and basin is a staple on my buffet. It’s filled with bittersweet and a few stems of Chinese lanterns that I had leftover from a recent arrangement.

Fall 2015 Foyer

You may notice that the lamp is new 🙂 I finally replaced the paper shade IKEA version I’d had up there for years. It was just time for a change, and I love how the texture of the base really compliments my love for natural materials.

Fall Decor 1

Of course I have to buy mini white pumpkins whenever I see them. I picked up two this year, and one of them is here.

Foyer Decor For Fall

Outside of the bright bittersweet, I’m really fond of a neutral, natural pallet. This allows me to keep my overall stash of decorative items relatively small and still be able to mix and match throughout the season.

Fall Foyer Decor 2

Now I’m setting my sights towards the dining room, as it looks like I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving again this year! Yes, I did just skip Halloween. This year, we aren’t having a party or anything so I’m opting to skip decorating for it…but you can see how I’ve done so in the past here.

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