Since re-painting our front porch, we’ve been without house numbers (we removed the original ones from the front porch beam). It’s not a huge deal because we still have the mailbox labeled, but I was itching to try my hand at making a more creative version for the house. I have done tons of projects with the wood slabs they sell now at most of the local craft stores, so that was the first place I looked to get inspired.

DIY Address Sign

Don’t forget your coupons, because I picked up the slab and the simple wood numbers for less than $10. I used a stain and a wiping poly I had on hand, which made this project SUPER cheap, quick, and high impact…otherwise known as

I wanted a two tone look, so I wiped the dark stain on the numbers and used the natural poly on the slab.

DIY Rustic Address Sign

I let everything dry overnight, then I used gorilla glue to attach the numbers to the slab. Be VERY conservative with that stuff because it expands as it dries. I applied a little too much and ended up having to wipe it away as it slowly squished out from the numbers haha. Something like liquid nails would also work.

DIY Wood Address Sign

I taped the numbers down with painters tape to help apply pressure as they dried. The next morning, I attached a saw-tooth picture hanger to the back (you could definitely do this first). I bought these vinyl siding hooks probably a year ago and used one to attach the plaque to the side of the house. These have worked pretty well for me, as long as what you’re hanging is light. There may be better options for heavy items.

Rustic Address Sign DIY

I really like the way it turned out!! Originally I had planned to place it closer to the door, but I kind of dig the unexpected position – plus it’s easier to see from the street.

DIY Rustic Wood Address Sign

What do you think? Rustic and interesting? Weird or weirder?

Psssst….did you notice I swapped out my mum since the last picture I posted of my porch? Yeah, that’s because I killed the other one. The good news is that they are about 50% cheaper this time of year. #winning #sortof

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  1. Anna Jacobs

    Love this! My husband always has leftover wood from his man projects so I am always looking for new ideas to use his leftovers.


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