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Remember my post about my first trip to At Home? I had such a great time there! Unfortunately it’s not super close to my house, so on my inaugural trip I tried to grab everything I would need to decorate my whole house for the holidays. Last time, I shared my rustic winter table – perfect for entertaining this holiday season. Now I’ve moved into the foyer with my At Home Christmas Decor. I picked up a quite a few things, but barely made a dent in their 15 themes!

  • Seas & Greetings
  • Holiday Hoedown
  • Lavish and Luxe
  • Peppermint Jazz
  • Berry Platinum
  • Forest Fairy Tales
  • Crystal Chateau
  • Cherished Memories
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Midnight Plume
  • Regal Renaissance
  • Snowcapped Scene
  • Handcrafted from Around the World
  • Dem Darlings
  • Handcrafted

I wanted to keep the cozy and rustic feel throughout the house, so my plan was to include 1) fur, 2) evergreen, and 3) natural elements.

Whenever I start on a new arrangement, I like to gather all of my potential ingredients so to speak. It’s a bit like cooking, right? I keep my seasonal things in bins in the basement, so I’ll bring up the ones marked Christmas and go through them. Anything I haven’t used in awhile goes immediately to a donate pile (remember we’re still working towards minimalism)! I would say MOST of my decorative items really cross all seasons, it’s just the context that brings everything together for a particular look. Whenever I make a purchase these days, I really need to LOVE the item and have it fit in with my existing stash in an effortless way. At Home has such a wide selection that I was able to find so many things I loved – and they were really affordable thanks to their everyday low prices!

I knew I wanted to use this awesome sparkle stag art and one of my lanterns recently purchased from At Home, so I started with those. I had some leftover fur fabric from a previous project, so I quickly cut a long runner to use as a base. It’s a low pile fur, so it looks more like snow – happy accident! Then I filled in the space with some of my other items, moving them around until I liked the way it looked. The finishing touch is some scattered cypress cuttings.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I struggle with this process. It definitely takes practice! Just keep playing with the arrangement, place items at different heights or in different positions. Sometimes I even remove everything and start over. It’s ok, just let it flow. It will come together eventually, and you’ll be glad you stuck it out.

What do you think?? I love the stag art – it’s perfect for Christmas time, but it also has an alternate home in my office already 🙂 The two lanterns I purchased are easily worked into any decor!

Next time I’ll be sharing my ideas for Christmas Trees and how I designed the perfect Tree for Me. I’ll give you a hint: it will probably be cozy and rustic 🙂

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