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Ya’ll probably know by now that I love themed Christmas Trees! This year on my visit to At Home I was inspired by some fun ornaments I found.

This year, I’m doing a snowy owl themed tree! I’ll be reusing a lot of ornaments I already have as well (thanks to my love for all things woodland/lodgey) plus my awesome new finds from At Home Christmas Decor. After I put the lights up, I flock the tree (see recipe and method here). The flocking is pretty delicate, so it’s best to wait until you’ve done most of the man-handling of the tree. If you prefer an artificial tree, At Home has some great ones – including pre-flocked ones!! Their Tree for Me lot has over 100 varieties, so flocked or not – you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one you love at a great price.

Once the lights and the flocking were done, I added my cotton ball garland (made last year) and some burlap garland. Can you have too much garland? Methinks not. Then up go the ornaments 🙂

I like to see the tree itself, so I don’t overfill with ornaments. Plus, I have cats, so I’d just be asking for trouble. As it is, they pretty much live on the tree skirt all season. It is made of fur, so I guess I can’t blame them 😉

What’s your theme this year? Do you change it every year or keep the same one?


And here are some night time shots!

Owl Christmas Tree At Home

Snowy Owl Tree with At Home

Tree Topper

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