I haven’t made a lot of progress on really important projects lately like finishing the basement….but I did get new bedding, which is something.

Our bed is a standard king size, but the foam quality of it makes it really square on the edges. I’ve been surprised that not a lot of comforters are wide enough to really cover the sides. I finally found one that does a pretty good job – it was marked 104″ x 90.” I have seen them range from 100″ – 108″ x 88″- 94″. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I was super happy to find something that landed in the middle of that range at Ross. The set came with some shams and a pillow, but I prefer a more mix-n-match look so I tossed the shams in the closet for now. I gathered all of my existing pillows and shams and came up with this:

Bedroom Update with New Bedding

Pardon the wrinkles, we don’t iron our sheets here. For some reason I always buy bedding in shades of blue/green/gray. I like the calming nature of this combination.

Master Bedroom - New Bedding

I love the feeling of fresh bedding!! I also have been working on freshening up our living room, which I’ll be sharing soon 😉

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