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In all my years of DIYing, I still believe that paint is the number one method for changing a space. It’s affordable, low-risk, and makes such a huge impact – definitely the most bang for your buck.

But despite all this, I still encounter people who are afraid to paint! With the right tools and a little practice – painting will become easy breezy. Once you get to be a pro, you’ll start finding ways to make it more interesting, and maybe a little more challenging too…like special effects – HUZZAH!

 For this project, I took some help from FrogTape® brand painter’s tape. It’s the only tape treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, which gives the sharpest lines possible. I used it to tape off my baseboards (as I am planning to repaint the door trim anyways, I didn’t use it there) and the edge of the transition wall into the hallway. Then I used the tape to create a confetti-like pattern all over the foyer. There are really endless possibilities for designs made with FrogTape®.

Before we get started with the details of how I created this look, here are a few tips about using tape:

1) Tape right before you are about to paint (not the day before, for example).

2) You can use something straight and flat, like a credit card, to press edges into place (especially when creating patterns/shapes).

3) Remove tape at an angle, not straight across.

4) Remove tape before paint is fully dry.

Now, let’s get to it! First, I cleaned the walls – which is super boring, but necessary. It helped me differentiate between drool from the dog and scuff marks. The foyer needed a refreshing in a major way, as it’s a high traffic area.

Once everything was clean, I got to work with my design. I used a pearl white acrylic paint to make rectangular “splotches” where I would later apply tape to make the confetti. It doesn’t have to be perfect or exact. You can paint large-ish areas to give yourself more wiggle room with the placement of the tape – the excess will get covered up with your wall color.

After I painted all over the walls, I was kinda like…

But, like I always say – it’s darkest before the dawn (i.e. sometimes it gets worse before it gets better). I proceeded by taping the baseboards and grabbing a pair of scissors to get started on my design.

This next part was a bit tedious, but so worth it! For my confetti pieces, I would tear a piece of tape then cut the ends so they were straight or slightly slanted. Some were longer than others, but I would say they were all about 4-6″. Wherever there was a metallic strip of paint, I applied a piece of tape. I worked in sections to make sure I could tape, paint, and remove the tape fairly quickly.

Once I painted the wall (Behr Burnished Clay, by the way), I removed the tape from the baseboards. You’ll want to do this slowly and steadily at an angle. Again, I like to remove it right after I’ve painted the area and not wait until it’s dry.

I loved the effect from the moment I cautiously removed the first piece of tape confetti. I didn’t need to touch up anything, the lines looked great! Every time I revealed a shimmery sliver, it was like opening a present!

I have to say that this was a bit out of the box for me, style wise, but I really love it. I chose a very tone on tone look to make sure it wasn’t too busy (and that I wouldn’t tire of it quickly). If you’re thinking of trying something a little bold and are on the fence, that would be my best advice!

What do you think about it? Would you try something like this? Check out some FrogTape® painting inspiration for more ideas!

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