It’s really starting to feel like fall around here. Crisp, cool mornings and leaves turning really make me happy šŸ™‚ It’s my favorite time of year!

I’m working on getting my porch all ready for the season, and I started with decorating my grapevine wreath. If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend one! I’ve had mine for years, and it’s super versatile.


I picked up a few stems of fall inspired faux floral (usually on sale around this time of year) and some ribbon. When you’re choosing your flowers, make sure to get a mix of shapes and textures. I include some “poke-y” stems to make a base, some large flowers, and some filler items. I really like to think of each flower/accent individually, so I often separate the stems if there are multiples. Don’t be afraid to cut or bend the wire stems to your liking!


Just build piece by piece until you like what you see! I often start over, so sometimes it doesn’t happen on the first try.



When I was finished, I attached some ribbon to the top and hung it up!


It’s super festive and a great way to start the season! Have you started decorating yet?

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